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About the WBIF

The WBIF focuses on key sectors of the Western Balkan economies: energy, environment, social, transport, private sector development, and, since December 2017, digital infrastructure.

The Framework awards, based on competitive procedures, grants for infrastructure project preparation activities as well as for investments. Calls for proposals are launched by the WBIF Steering Committee. Generally, there are two calls for technical assistance and only one call for investment grants per year. Guidelines are published for each call for proposals setting out eligibility criteria, including any specific requirements, as well as the pre-notification and submission deadlines.

Applications are assessed by the WBIF Project Financiers’ Group who recommends selected applications for approval by the the Steering Committee. Approved grants are then implemented by the Infrastructure Project Facility teams and / or the IFIs themselves.

WBIF Governance Structure

The WBIF impacts through a coordinated effort invested in the preparation and selection of priority projects for financing by blending:

At inception, the CEB, EBRD, and EIB contributed to the WBIF’s grant activities.